Software for realistic tumor modeling

Tool for simulating tumor dynamics in patient-specific anatomy reconstructed from the medical scans.

Supported tumor models:

  • Tumor growth (Reaction-diffusion model)
  • Tumor mass effect and intracranial pressure (Brain deformation model)
  • Tumor hypoxia and necrosis
  • Bayesian model calibration for personalized radiotherapy planning (see [Lipkova 2018] in bibliography)


  • Fast execution thanks to highly-parallel architecture and adaptive grid refinement
  • User-friendly; just provide patient anatomy and select the tumor model
  • Developer-friendly: the models are implemented as modules, which allows an addition of new models and a combination of the existing ones
  • Transferable: can be applied to other types of infiltrative tumors (e.g. multiple myeloma, liver lesions,…)
  • Open source, self-contained C++ code
  • Compatible with Linux/Mac OS


  • In publications using GliomaSolver or data provided on this website, please cite the following paper: Lipkova et al.: Personalized Radiotherapy Design for Glioblastoma Using Mathematical Tumor Modelling, Multimodal Scans and Bayesian Inference. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (2019).
  • You can download data of eight glioblastoma patients, which were released in conjunction with the above paper, here