• S3: Skull stripping and brain tissue segmentation tool
  • Segmentation Pipeline: Software for automated segmentation of brain lesions from multimodal scans with an interactive tool for easy segmentation corrections (Available upon request, official release soon)
  • RT2nii: Software for converting radiotherapy plans from dicom to nifty
  • Pi4u: high performance computing framework for Bayesian uncertainty quantification
  • TORC task-parallel library for clusters
  • Registration: Tool for easy image registration using ANTs.

Visualisations Tools

  • ITKSnap Software for visualisation and semi-automated segmentation of medical scans.
  • Paraview Software for visualising output from the GliomaSolver simulation (*.vtu, nifty) and others. Allows also 3D rendering.
  • Vis: Matlab tool for automated visualising multiple medical data.


  • Sample data for the GliomaSolver
  • Multimodal scans of brain lesions provided by BRATS
  • Brain Atlas: Normal adult brain anatomy atlas
  • Data of glioblastoma patients released in conjuction with Lipkova et al. paper are available here



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  • Benedikt Wiestler (Klinkum Rechts der Isar TUM) - for the clinical inputs
  • Panagiotis Hadjidoukas (IBM) - for the help with TORC
  • Luca Baledesi (University of Trento) - for the help with this website


If you have any questions or need help, just let us know